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Thomas Ernest Lowe (1894 - 1941)

In the early 1930’s, a man of God from Baltimore, Maryland, Thomas Ernest Lowe, set out for South America as an independent missionary (as his visa termed him, a nearly unheard of designation in those days of total Roman control in Latin America). He had a burden in his heart for those who never had the opportunities so freely available in the United States: the Bible, the preaching of the Gospel and the marvelous moving of the Holy Spirit. Soon, Hannah Lowe joined her husband and they worked together, first in an outlying, provincial city where they saw bonfires of Bibles burning and then, for five years in Bogotá, which then had a population of 300,000. The Lowes were the first missionaries with the Pentecostal experience to work in Bogotá, and believed in the restoration of the first-century church vision and function as set forth in the New Testament. Among those saved included priests who took great risks and testified to a personal knowledge of God through His Son. One even wrote a book, The History of a Redeemed Captive. Then, in the midst of his work and ministry, Thomas Lowe died as a martyr at the age of forty-seven on November 19, 1941, leaving his widow alone in a foreign land.

Hannah Lowe (1895 - 1983)

Mrs. Lowe returned to the States in January of 1942, and in her desire to thank the Sabine Tabernacle for the help of their missionaries, she went to Beaumont, Texas. When Brother and Mrs. Hodge met her, they found a kindred spirit, and on August 25, 1942, she was ordained through the United Gospel Tabernacles. The burden in her heart, her love for the Colombians and the petitions Colombians sent urging her to come back proved too great to refuse, so Mrs. Lowe decided to return to Colombia after her ordination. At this critical point, Brother Hodge offered to help sponsor her re-entry so she could respond to their call.

From that point on, she poured the next 20 years of her life into Colombia, except for one year as supervisor of an orphanage in Bethlehem, Jordan. Then, in the early 1960’s, she began to spend time in New York City, watching and praying. That turned into vital participation in the first public evangelistic crusade in Venezuela’s history in 1961, a prayer meeting that became a house church in Manhattan that still continues, and an unplanned ministry to Ivy League college students. Some of those students caught the same vision for the Church, as composed of vital, diverse, functioning members knit together by the work of the Holy Spirit to lift Jesus up at home and abroad. Those that did have labored in Colombia, in the U.S. and other countries as well.

In December of 1965, the following article appeared in the Beaumont Enterprise:

Mrs. Hannah Lowe, independent faith missionary for thirty years to Colombia, South America is visiting with her friends at the Sabine Tabernacle of Beaumont. Mrs. Lowe has not been in Beaumont for fifteen years during which time she worked on the mission field; mostly in Colombia, South America, but also one year in Bethlehem with Arab orphans, and in various countries in Europe and Venezuela. For the past year, Mrs. Lowe has worked with students from various Northeastern Universities such as Columbia University and Yale University.

God used Mrs. Lowe to witness to many in the higher echelons of foreign governments, including the Shah of Iran, President and Mrs. Anwar Sadat of Egypt, King Hussein of Jordan and Presidents Lopez and Turban of Colombia. However, she never lost “the common touch” and related to taxi drivers and hotel maids with the same love of Christ and desire to win their souls.

Mrs. Lowe died in Jerusalem on June 20, 1983 and is buried in the Alliance International Cemetery on Emek Rephaim Street.