Into the Holy of Holies

In the Secret Stairs

“O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely.” (Song of Solomon 2:14)

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Thank you that we can be shutting with Thee this morning, in that secret place, in Thy presence, and beholding Thy love, Thy grace and Thy mercy that is steadily outpoured to sinful nations and the just receiving, yet the unjust having opportunities. We know that all of this should lead to repentance, thy mercy should lead to repentance, men and women just say God won’t do these things, and He does them because of mercy, and this mercy extendeth should leadeth to repentance, but they will not. We thank thee that thou hast come unto thine own and even though the own did not receive thee, to as many as receive thee, thou dost give power to become the sons of God who are not born after flesh or blood, but after the Spirit of God.

We thank thee that thou dost move by the wind, by the Spirit of God as thy wilt, and thou dost breathe upon thy people this morning wherever they are in different countries, climes, nations. Father, we thank thee that thou dost have thy people thou hast have them, and even as Paul could say to my generation, there is a remnant according to thy election of grace. We praise thee that they are calling upon thee, whether it’s night. We know there are those that sleep, but their hearts are awakened to thee, and thou couldst take them anytime and use them. O Father, wherever they are this morning, we pray thee—we know that thou art moving upon those that are putting themselves into the place to be ready where thou canst move upon them and to get them forth at any time.

Father, we ask thee that thou wouldst work upon those especially today that are trusting in thee obtained this mercy in thee and accepted it and are partakers of it and are using it up until that which thou hast done for them, not overstepping their mark or being presumptuous, but we praise thee that they are in the making and we know that they will come forth at they appointed time even as Jesus came as his appointed hour. We know that time comes, that nothing could hold back His death or His resurrection. They sealed the tomb, but the gravestone upon it—it was rolled away by the angels, and He did rise. We thank thee, Father, for the resurrection. We praise thee for the way that thou hast moved.

We know that thou dost give right away to prayers of faith, those prayers that are winged by faith have the special entrance, even as the psalmist writes about the secret stairs. We know that in every case as for a king or a president or a whomsoever it may be in authority that they have places where people can come and speak to them and have vital contact and touch with them. We thank thee that is one by faith and those of thine own choosing and thine own making who have yielded to thee—that there are secret places, secret stairs, that they can come in and speak with thee and thou dost hear, and they have audience with thee, and they can speak with thee, and thou dost speak with them how thou dost cherish them. Father, lead us more into this place where we can have communion with thee, this communion because we believe thee and thou hast chosen us, because we put that sovereignty into act by yielding ourselves up to obey thee and thou dost move upon us, and our prayers penetrate the most, the greatest obstruction.

It would make no difference, we thank thee, Lord, that faith goes by obstructions, faith passes it by, faith pays no attention to it, faith does not stop to tell or to talk. Faith goes through to the living God. Thank you we can come boldly to thy throne of grace this morning in time in need, in order that we may obtain help, only through the blood of Jesus and his merit and his sacrifices on Calvary. We thank thee, that we are accepted in the beloved and complete in Him. We thank thee that we are accepted in thee this morning because of the blood of Jesus and that our prayers can be winged, that our prayers can have faith, getting through to thee where we can have communion and hear what thou dost say.

We thank thee that our ears can be opened, that our eyes can be opened and our faculties can be used, not only like John on the isle of Patmos—the heavens opened unto him, but also the things that were to happen, the things that had happened on this earth, the things that were happening, the things that would happen. We thank thee for a Moses that could look backwards and tell how it all came into being. How could he tell that except he was moving by faith, the Word says that this Scripture did not come by men’s thoughts or thinking that they would sit down and write, but came as they were moved upon by the Holy Spirit. We thank thee that as they were moved upon that they could look back and as Isaiah could talk about it, Jeremiah could talk about it, the earth was without form and void and say what happened at that time.

Ezekiel could tell about the garden of Eden and tell us there how it started there in Eden. We thank thee for those that could penetrate to the past and knew what was going on in their day in serving their generation, and also could tell of the future, even as thou didst with Daniel, and he could say…. That thou couldst say to him Shut the book now for it’s not for this time, but for a future time. And he could shut the book in obedience. O Lord, for those obedient servants of thine that could thrust forth, or be silent or stand fast, or stand and see the salvation of the Lord. Whatever the order of the day was for them, they heard the voice, they could penetrate and they knew when thou dost say, Shut the book, or stand still or go ahead or forward. O praise thee, that we can possess our possessions.

There are great possessions for us, and we can go forward, not of those with a double-mindedness as we have spoken of, that James speaks of, that’s one day up and one day down, you never know where to find them, or that can’t possess the possessions that they win at one time or gain at one time, but then again to go again over that same territory. Father, we ask you that we would take a forward move here today. We need a new thrust, we need a new move, we need so we can compass about this mountain long enough that we might go up and possess the possessions that are there before us. Those that are getting to their feet at this time in this midst. Help them not to go back to the beggarly elements, and the ponderings and the fightings, jealousies, envies, wonderings, weak in their minds because of their failures and the losses.

O Father, help them to stand today and not only stand, but still stand, Father, that we might go up to possess the mountain that we might go up to possess the land that flows with milk and honey. Promises of God are as milk and honey to us. Promises of God are yea and amen in Christ. Promises of God are sweet in our mouth as we know that thou dost fulfill everything that thou hast promised that thou hast said, thou wilt also do it. We praise thee for sure victory in thee. We ask all of this in Jesus Holy Name.

As a Handmaiden’s Eyes are Upon Her Mistress, so Our Eyes Should Be So Upon the Lord (Psalm 123:2)

“Behold, as the eyes of servants look unto the hand of their masters, and as the eyes of a maiden unto the hand of her mistress; so our eyes wait upon the Lord our God, until that he have mercy upon us.” (Psalm 123:2)

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Her eyes are upon the mistress, as the handmaiden’s eyes are upon the mistress, so our eyes should be so upon Him. And so riveted, and wanting to know. It seems like intuition, it would seem almost natural, that it would be spiritual, because not just the natural incentive, but the spiritual incentive is there to serve the master. Now He wants this, and to be able to move as he says. It was through every age, there’s Moses up there, and the Amalekites becoming strong down there in the valley. He knew—I’ll put up my hands, that’s what I’ll do.

Oh, the poor hands, you can imagine Moses there, with his hands getting weary and then Hur said, let’s come to it, and Aaron and Hur, one on each side, let’s keep it up here, because look at Joshua, as long as we’re doing that, it’s keeping it going, until he smote the Amalekites ’til the night came and they had marvelous victory. That’s how it works, because they had the initiative, the intuition, the godly piercing through until they knew that Moses would become weary. They saw when they let down their hands and the battle didn’t go, and they knew they had to thrust and hold Moses. Their hands wouldn’t do. Well, why didn’t their, they did that, they tried that once, Miriam and Aaron and they got smitten with leprosy. Now, why can’t we do just about what Moses does? He’s the big “I am” here, so why can’t we do that? And they were smitten, because they thought well. But it was Moses’ hands, they had that much sense to know that getting out there, oh well, I’ll do what Moses—he can’t do it anymore, so I’ll just do it. The Lord loves me.

Each one has their place. It isn’t a question of the Lord loved Moses—well, of course, he was the called one or the “mis”—and the others, they were there to do what he couldn’t do at the moment, and that was hold his hands up. “Strengthen the feeble knees, lift up the hands that would fall down, and get into the place where you do your part. People say that’s what I want to do. You never can do it as long as that’s in you. And you’ll never do it if that’s not your place. You have to find your place in the Lord, and not somebody else’s. The minute you try to find someone else’s place, you would cause them to trip, they could just fall over you, who knows what would happen. You can get your eyes on people and lift somebody up to the skies and say, oh, bless our leader. It takes away from the whole thing, just keep on plugging on something, we love you or this or that. That takes away from it.

Our eyes have to be upon Jesus Christ, and we meet you in Him. You’re there in Him wherever you are in your place, that’s where we meet, and that’s where the whole, the pouring down of the oil on Moses head and down to the edge of his robe. It’s all met in the unity, how blessed it is, it’s nothing forced or you have to bring out something forced, or you have to plug in there, just say this and it will go good, and this will lift up the ego of somebody—nothing of the sort, hallelujah. It’s all met in here, in the whole stream of God’s love that is pouring out. We meet in the stream of His love, that’s where we are. And you can’t do it any other way.

It’s just like Jesus said when He was saying, I am the shepherd and the only door to the sheepfold, if anybody tries to come up any other way, what’s he doing?, he’s a robber. And who’s he robbing, he’s robbing himself, that’s all, he’s robbing himself of salvation, you can’t get in any other way. He just scrambles and tries to get in, but you cannot move in the Lord by trying to come up some other way than being moved upon by the Holy Spirit. He has to take us there, glory to God, and He will take us there, if we are in the position and condition to be taken there. We’ll get there, and then it’s like, well, how did I get here? I didn’t have a thing to do with it. How did Moses get on the mountain to start holding up his hands, anyhow? Well, it seems like he just went up the hill that day, praise the Lord, and that was the right thing to do, exactly. And you find yourself in the center of God’s will, you don’t know how you got there. If you had gone just like that, you would have missed it.

But you got it because, somehow, you were in the position to be moved upon and the wind of God, the Holy Spirit, was able to—not literally to blow you—but in a sense you were blown right to that condition or that person, or that place, until the moving of God and heaven comes down to bless it, and you can feel the encore in heaven, and just like it tows you out there in the Grand Canyon as we cried out, Praise God, Praise God, Praise God. All those hills around there were saying the same thing. Hallelujah! I wonder if anyone’s ever done this before? Well, it could be, in all the world, but there we were, the three of us. Now, you try it: Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Praise God, and all the angels echo, all the angels are giving the encore to what we do here, they are urging us on. Praise God, hallelujah. And we have a company that made it through, the cloud of witnesses, that is, that we know the whole gallery of fame, of faith is there.

And when we look, well, here’s Paul, he’s doing these exploits, or the different ones, who did exploits, there we have them and the great hall of faith, there. You can go to a great hall, say George Washington, Simon Bolivar, Martin, these that liberated countries. Praise God they are the liberators of the nations, the emancipating of the slaves, Abraham Lincoln, don’t we love to look at him? Such a character, it wasn’t for his beauty that we look at him, he was so ugly he was beautiful. His picture is beautiful because he was so homely, but he was beautiful because he stands there in the character, well, I’d much rather see a face of character than some pudgy something that just smiles and sickeningly sweet, look at that face there.

Praise God, hallelujah. Simon Bolivar, all these mighty men, we have so far above them, the hall of faith, the hall of fame of faith, and there they are, lined up, and mentioned in the 11th chapter of Hebrews and even the father and mother of Moses, and Moses himself that would not stay in the palace, he could have had a palace, and he esteemed the things of God, rather than the riches of Egypt, and left it! He went out with nothing, absolutely nothing, he went out with nothing. Praise God! And there he was, with the tribes, tribe after tribe. Just think of him out there, looking over the tribes to bless them. Oh my Lord, so abundant what the Lord does. There was no end to what He did, just say, for a Moses, and all this heralded through all the earth and throughout the corridors of heaven. Oh, we’ve got a mighty God.

The everlasting king, the prince of peace, wonderful Jesus, hallelujah. He is to us today. We are praising Him. We praise Him, and we praise Him for victory and salvation. The angels cannot sing this salvation, and they looked into this to see what it was all about, the prophets would have loved to have seen the vision fulfilled that they had talked about. There’s Ezekiel in a graveyard, prophesying, bone come to bone. He saw those bones come to bone in the graveyard, but we’re believing today for Israel, the bones come to bone, that the sinews and the flesh and again they will stand as a mighty army. They will stand as a mighty army, the Lord knows all the details. We don’t, unless it is revealed to us. We can’t make it up, we can’t fill in there, “well, we think, well, it might be, and something like this.”

No, we just know that God knows what He’s doing, and we want to get on the side of a God who knows what He’s doing, because nobody else does. Praise God, hallelujah! Who knows what they’re doing? Who knows which way they’re going? Try to talk to the highest ones, look, the president that we have, what is he doing? He thinks, because he’s deceived, quietly and now and says, I’ll sit quiet while my enemies talk against me because I have this inner confidence, you don’t hear these words, but himself. You don’t hear anything about the Lord, or praying, or calling on the Lord, so we know he doesn’t know which way he’s going. And then the awful fact of the deception that is there. Lord, we praise God for truth and righteousness and right down the line that we can know, we can ward off and fight off and beat off this time of deception, that will come upon us that the very essence of deception, all deception, so steer clear, when you find yourself going into the muddy waters of deception and weeds and slimy places.

Come out of it and say, I will have none of it. You’re in danger of getting trapped and caught in those bulrushes. Praise God that we can steer clear away to where the waters—it isn’t moving much around those rushes, the water isn’t clear, there’s not much life to it, it gets in there and it gets in there and gets caught when we get out where the current is flowing, out where the full tides flow, and the streams are moving, and there we are. Well, there’s where the breezes are blowing, the heavenly breezes blow, praise God. Oh, I thank God this morning that we can steer out of all that, and Lord, save me, because even if you have to rattle down, ravel (rabble?) out all your experiences down to salvation. Rabble them down, and let them go, don’t say, well, it’s such a shame I was wrong 5 years ago. It’s not a shame.

Thank God you’re right now, and stop where you are. And don’t keep on it, when you ravel out, you have to rabble out, well, that was wrong, and admit it. Admit it to God—look, I was wrong there, my Lord—I’m sorry, I almost went off the track entirely and was almost gone, but now start knitting again. Praise God, and I’m not going back to where the mistake was, I’m on the track, I’m going forth, I’m on the right track, full steam ahead. You went to a siding, as many trains have, did you back off here, something’s wrong with that car? Something sprung a leak or something is not working. Back it off until something can come down and pull it out again and get it to where it needs fixing. But the train goes, the engine goes full steam ahead, just siding that. If you picked up one of those cars that have been on the siding there and get picked up again, straight ahead to victory. The hallelujah express.

I remember this dear lady that used to dance, and she’d always take out her handkerchief, and she’d dance with her handkerchief out and swing it around. And it was just like she’d just gotten on a train and she was waving or she was on a boat and she was waving goodbye to all of us. We were sitting by, and she would say, hallelujah, and dancing around with her handkerchief. Praise God, so let’s take out our handkerchiefs—praise the Lord—and move on! Goodbye to flesh, goodbye old world, goodbye, goodbye! Hallelujah.