Later Years

Mrs. Hannah Lowe took initiatives as the Lord led her by faith to act on burdens He gave her in prayer. These opportunities took her far and wide, and resulted in divine appointments that yielded fruit.

Breakthrough in Caracas

In 1961, Mrs. Hannah Lowe and the energetic, young Puerto Rican evangelist Eugene Jimenez conducted evangelistic meetings that filled the Venezuelan capital’s bull ring night after night for weeks. Go to Page

Flight to Egypt and Iran: Meeting with the Shah

An understanding of God’s promise to the offspring of Hagar and her seed led slowly but directly to Hannah Lowe’s visit in January 1980 to President Sadat in Egypt as well as her hour-long visit with the terminally ill former Shah of Iran.
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Israel: A Desire, Long Held

Mrs. Lowe, vibrant in service to her Lord until her final days, finally arrived in Israel in 1982, and spent a year in the beloved City before her death in Jerusalem in June 1983. Go to Page