Flight to Egypt to Sadat

How can I capture in a few words and paragraphs the agony and ecstasy of 1980? On January 1, 1980, a missionary friend wrote me from Spain, “Isaiah 26:3 just came to my mind for you? Later that week a missionary elder statesman wrote me the same verse, as did the widow of a missionary martyr: “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee.”     Isaiah 26:3

There was no modern Israel when Hannah Lowe and her husband, Thomas Ernest Lowe, received the call of the Lord to the Jews—and, as they believed, to Palestine, in the early 1930’s. In 1934, they very nearly went out to that disputed territory, but the way did not open then.

Mr. Lowe turned instead to Colombia, South America, where he served with Hannah until his death in 1941, and where Hannah continued to work for over 40 years. But where the feet were not able to go, the heart could and did, bearing a never-diminished burden for the Jews and for Israel.

In 1952, Hannah at last had a full opening to go to the holy land for many months. It perplexed her initially when she found that she was among Arabs and Orthodox Christians, instead of with Jews. When she lifted this to the Lord, He showed her Genesis 21:12-21, regarding His preservation of the offspring of Hagar and His promise to the cast-out woman and her seed: so the Arabs and the Muslims are Gentiles, too, needing the salvation of Jesus Christ.

That understanding, and the prayers for the Arab people, led slowly but directly to Hannah’s visit in January 1980 to President Sadat (and separately with Mrs. Sadat at one of her offices) in Egypt as well as her hour-long visit with the terminally ill former Shah of Iran, to whom she presented a Bible in the Persian language, received with tears.

Mrs. Lowe with Mr. Anwar Sadat

Mrs. Lowe with Mrs. Sadat in her office, Cairo, Egypt

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